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DSE Speaking (Exam-driven)/DSE英文說話考試-模擬訓練課程


🎓 DSE Speaking (Exam-driven)/DSE英文說話考試-模擬訓練課程


👉 須知:DSE
英文說話(Oral)考試主題範圍非常廣闊,學生很難在短時間內完成應試準備。同時,英語說話及表達能力、小組使用英語進行主題討論的能力均是香港學生(包括精英學生在內)最薄弱的環節。DSE考試 "一試定勝負”,要贏(5**) 或者至少“唔輸”,以下兩方面缺一不可:
(1) 給予自己充分時間進行真正能力提升v (2) 摘星應試技巧訓練

好多學生經常受坊間誤導,認為可以在中六最後一年衝刺時,靠補考試“形式化技巧”過關。這是在欺騙自己以及用自己前途開玩笑! 試想想:

(a) 中六時同學要同時準備多個科目考試,不可能有太多時間分配給英文科;

(b) 當同學面對一個連“睇都睇唔明”的主題內容,或相關主題內容的詞彙嚴重不足時,如何靠坊間所謂“形式化技巧”過關?!除非你當考官只是一個擺設。

👉 建議:同學需要實實在在趁中三、中四及中五尚有時間時,給自己進行真正能力提升。

👉 目標:幫助同學提早達到DSE 5**所需要的能力以及技巧
🔮🔮🔮 課程強勢特色

🎯 英美老師陪學生進行英文說話及小組主題討論訓練,指導同學進行提升

🎯 採用DSE 真實考題進行學習訓練

🎯 課堂內容加入雙語註釋,確保同學可以完全明白及吸收

🎯 指導DSE Speaking 5**技巧
🎯 課堂設為上下三小節:
(i) 指導同學相關主題重要詞彙(雙語註釋)以及表達;指導主題討論的要點表達

(ii) 進行模擬考試訓練:老師作為考官;學生進行限時模擬小組討論,以及個人問答回應

(iii) 老師點評表現,及給學生改善建議

Elite Native Writing Class (Secondary school (International Schools/DSE/GCSE) 需自組


中一 - 中五
To provide students with a rigorous and stimulating programme in which they learn English and sharpen their writing skills through social issues, debating, popular culture, workspace communication, drama, poems and songs, short stories, and sports communication.

Through this course, you will
discover the "secret sauce" of exceptional writing.
discover how to add style to your writing on various genres.
learn how to make your essay more clear, elegant, and evocative
learn how to make your comment, review, speech, and argumentative text more persuasive, incisive, and refined.
learn how to cultivate the unique mindset of an "elite" writer.
learn how to become a more competent and sophisticated writer.

Range of text types/genres that will be covered in the course
Argumentative essay
Debate speech
Restaurant review
Film review
Letter to the editor
News report/article
Article in News column
Reporting feature article based on interview
Letter of application
Letter of complaints
Letter of reply to complaints
Blog post

English Literature & Elite Writing for GCSE (需自組)


中一 - 中五
To introduce a wide range of literary texts that will provide a solid foundation in English Literature study.

To enhance school-based learning in preparation for the HKDSE in English Literature.

To develop student’s familiarity with a range of texts from different genres.
To develop their awareness of the techniques used by writers, through identifying writers’ choice of language, structure, form and presentation.
To deepen learners’ understanding of the texts and to enable them to make a personal response informed by their knowledge of literary conventions and terminology.
To develop learners’ critical and analytical skills and their ability to discuss and convey their ideas effectively.
To situate texts within their historical, social and cultural context.
To enable students to make connections between texts, to compare and contrast two or more texts, and to link textual themes to contemporary issues.
Range of Texts that may be covered in the course
Shakespeare plays (Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Othello, The Taming of the Shrew, The Merchant of Venice).
Selection of Romantic Poetry (Coleridge, Shelley, Burns, Keats, Byron, Wordsworth, Poe, Blake).
Selection of modern poetry (e.e. cummings, Thomas Hardy, Emily Dickinson, T.S Eliot, Wallace Stevens, William Carlos Williams, Dylan Thomas, Seamus Heaney).
Nineteenth Century Novels (Charles Dickens, Herman Melville, Jane Austen, Daphne Du Maurier, Mary Shelley).
Twentieth Century Novels (George Orwell: Animal Farm, F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby, Steinbeck: Of Mice and Men, Golding: Lord of the Flies).
A selection of short stories.